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CREATIVE USE IDEAS TO GET YOUR MENTAL JUICES FLOWING - THIS IS EASY, EASY!! Gus Nectar Seasoned Extra Virgin Olive Oil = GNSEVOO Fry, bake, grill (even in the winter with propane or electric)= F,B,G USE EVERY DAY ON EVERYTHING! Studies show - helps lower cholesterol. _______________________________________________ TO CHANGE THE FLAVOR of the GNSEVOO FOR VARIATION ON ANY FOOD AND OTHER USES: 1-2 TBL of any dried seasoning or 7 - 9 dried leaves will change the flavor of GNSEVOO when heated. Can add - in addition to GNSEVOO, any 2 or 3 seasonings OR seasoning blend packet you might find, to change the flavor. Heated, GNSEVOO will act like a smooth blended base and NOT FIGHT THE SEASONINGS YOU PUT IN. RICH AND DEVELOPED FLAVOR!! ________________________________________________ MARINADE: 2 - 3 TBL of rosemary and/or paprika or coriander AND SOME SEASONINGS FROM Gus' Nectar seasoning packet. Add the juice of three lemons/lemon concentrate (True Lemon Brand (in a box) - freeze dried lemon packets 3-6 to taste is great in marinade or for stir fry or coating fish, chicken or meat to F, B, G. MARINADE: ANY OF VINEGARS, BALSAMIC, OR GINGER, LEMON, GARLIC, SOY LITE WITH GNSEVO. MAKES A GREAT MARINADE. VINEGAR TENDERIZES MEAT. Breaks down tough fibers. WILL KILL BACTERIA AND PRESERVE COOKED FOOD 2-3 DAYS LONGER,, SHORTENS COOKING TIME !! ________________________________________________ SALMON MARINADE This is so good - customers serve it on Holidays and Easter instead of turkey for large family groups! Much easier and very festive. Is GREAT ON THE GRILL! The vinegar in marinade will cut your cooking time in 1/3 or 1/2. Watch carefully as to not make overdone! Use marinade to baste 3-4 times with either oven or grill. >Lime vinegar or 1 cup white or UNSEASONED rice vinegar (the labels look the same) and either 1 to 2 cups liquid lime juice or 3-6 True Lime brand - dry packets (usually in baking section or where Sweet and Low is) and 1 to 2 cups water. >1/2 to 1 cup Gus Nectar Seasoned Olive Oil depending on how much fish you have. >1 can orange juice >1 can water >1 can cheap beer or larger can if you have a large salmon >1/4 to 1/2 cup DRIED minced garlic to taste depending on size - NOT FRESH >1/4 to 1/2 cup DRIED minced onion to taste depending on size - NOT FRESH You may want to cut a large Salmon in 2-3 pieces first. Then use equal amounts of just lime vinegar shown above in one or more gallon size Ziploc bags. Let sit for 5 min in just the lime vinegar. Add the Gus' Nectar seasoned Olive Oil. Make sure to get seasoning near neck so when pouring (take out shaker top and pour preferred). Add other ingredients. Let sit on counter (vinegar will kill and prevent growth of bacteria which is also why you want to marinade first in just vinegar for 5 min. - no vinegar after taste) or refrigerator for 1/2 hr for small pieces to 1 hr.-3 hrs. Can leave overnight to marinade in refrigerator. **Stronger flavor - at least 2 -3 hrs. Can freeze in marinade for later use. Label bag with permanent marker! Preheat at 425 degrees- regular oven or 400 degrees - convection oven for large Salmon. Smaller pieces - 400 degrees for regular oven. 375 degrees for convection oven. Put some of marinade (1/4 to 1/2 inch) in baking pan. Bake 20 min to 40 min depending on size till golden brown and done inside. Make sure some of the cooked minced onion and garlic covers the Salmon when serving! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COFFEE BALSAMIC MARINADE (GOOD FOR GRILLING)! Ratio is always 1/3 vinegar to 2/3rd's Seasoned Olive Oil or EVOO. > 1 - 2 cups EVOO or GNEVOO depending on size of chicken, white fish, salmon or amount of potatoes. EVOO will have lighter taste. >Big Paw flavored Balsamic, or make - Lime, or orange vinegar (5 True Lime brand dried packets (comes in box) in baking section or where Sweet and Low is). For orange use orange extract to taste, 1/3 to 1 1/2 cup Unseasoned Rice or White Vinegar. > 2 - 3 TBL Garam Masala (light citrusy blend of coriander, cumin and other seasonings), Morrocan seasoning (Walmart has), Tandorri (southern Indian seasoning blend works well) or marjoram, paprika and nutmeg to taste. > 1/2 cup INSTANT KAVA COFFEE (deacidified) from grocery store or any instant coffee. > 1 TBL yellow mustard > salt and pepper to taste > 1 TBL garlic powder to taste Put all ingredients in gallon ziploc bag and marinade 15 for THINLY SLICED POTATOES or potato halves (cut criss/cross to skin so marinade soaks in), 1/2 hr for chicken strips, 1 hr for chicken breasts, white fish or salmon pieces. Can freeze in marinade, put on grill and baste 2-3 times during or put in oven. Preheat: Regular oven - 450 degrees for potatoes for 45 min. Convection oven - 425 degrees. On thinly sliced potatoes - remove most marinade before putting on foil sheet sprayed with Olive Oil non stick or EVOO. On baked potato halves - use marinade generously. Chicken or fish - 400 - 375 degrees / 15 - 40 minutes depending on size. Will cook faster with marinade. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ALSO GOOD Use as sandwich spread. Use on potatoes, rice or noodles in micro, oven or grill (wrap in foil on grill ). On pastas and rice, GNSEVOO with or without vinegar (remember vinegar flavor EVAPORATES on hot foods when used moderately - a few splashes for a medium dish. Use in the place of garlic butter. It melts just like garlic butter and is more well rounded because of seasonings. You can always add more garlic powder (not granulated) and/or cheese if you wish, on bread. TRY THE FONDUE CHEESE (GREAT FLAVOR AND SOFT - EASY TO SPRINKLE ON) IN THE GOURMET OR DIARY SECTION SECTION OF YOUR GROCERY. STOCK UP AS IT'S USUALLY AVAILABLE ONLY DURING THE HOLIDAYS. BETTER GOURMET/DELI STORES USUALLY HAVE IT YEAR ROUND. Mix with GNSEVOO and herb or balsamic vinegars (ahead of time in a shaker or cup) on pizza. If you mix it in a cup, spread your fingers over it while sprinkling over food. It makes the crust brown and pulls the taste together using all the seasonings. Fry any food with it. On med high heat use ONLY A THIN LAYER OF OIL TO FRY. It will make your foods crispy. Using more oil will make it look more STEAMED. Get ready to smell the uniqueness of GNSEVOO when you use our chrome marinating pour spout with lid. _______________________________________________________________ VINEGAR TIPS: Dribble 5-10 drops of Gus' Nectar Vinegar on food, if food is still hot (so vinegar evaporates but leaves flavor). ALL NATURALLY HERB WHITE VINEGARS AND VANILLA BEAN AND NUTMEG 15 YR SEASONED BALSAMIC (keep ingredients in bottle covered at all times) BELOW ARE OTHER USES BESIDES SALADS, PASTAS. CHAMPAGNE VINEGAR - Do the same as above but use EXTRA DRY BRUT NOT JUST BRUT CHAMPAGNE. _________________________________________________________________ FOR FAT FREE FLAVORED ALMONDS, TAKE A FEW SMALL COREL DISHES OR 9 INCH BAKING PANS - NUTS OF CHOICE - SPLASH GENEROUSLY ANY VINEGAR ON NUTS. ROAST. FREEZE LITTLE MEAL SIZE BAGGIES. DO THEM BEGINNING OF YEAR IN WINTER AND YOU'LL HAVE THEM FOR 6 MONTHS OR LONGER. THE DILL IMPARTS VERY LITTLE DILL FLAVOR BUT THE OTHERS ARE GREAT. CARAMELIZED ONIONS: SPLASH HALF ANY OF THE VINEGARS, HALF GNSEVOO. DO A FEW SMALL FRYING PANS (EACH DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF VINEGARS) WHILE YOU'RE DOING LAUNDRY OR SOMETHING MUNDANE AND STIR OCCASIONALLY FOR ABOUT 40 MINUTES ON LOW/MED HEAT. Tip: Sprinkling on baking soda speeds up caramelizing cooking time. MIGHT NEED ANOTHER GOOD SPRINKLE OF VINEGAR HALF WAY THROUGH FOR EXTRA FLAVOR. *TASTE AND CK. FREEZE LITTLE MEAL SIZE BAGGIES. _________________________________________________________________ Seasoned aged Balsamic aaahhhhh!!! Sweet and smooth!! If you hate Balsamic because it tasted sharp and vinegary (that means very young) - taste this!! We have a 8.50 oz and 17 oz with a shaker insert. __________________________________________________________________ CHIPOTLE CHILI PEPPERS, CILANTRO, GARLIC VINEGAR - Mix this with GNSEVOO to taste on salads, pastas, pizzas and sprinkle generously. Pizza will brown better will the GNSEVO mixture. Use on fish, chicken, meat, ribs, tacos and burritos. Also delicious with bell peppers and goat, parmesean, swiss or swiss fondue cheese found year round at large grocery stores in speciality cheese section and specialty stores. Splash on while F, B, G food to taste. A LEVEL 2 RE: HOTNESS ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10. 1 BEING THE WEAKEST. ___________________________________________________________________ GINGER, LEMON, GARLIC, SOY LITE - Good on everything. So zesty - can use on salads without oil for fat free flavor. Just use lemon or True Lemon Brand (in a box) - freeze dried lemon packets 3-6 to taste if you want stronger lemon flavor. REFILL AFTER BOTTLE IS DEPLETED WITH SOY LITE. USE OVER AND OVER FOR 2 YEARS. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LEMON, DILL, GARLIC VINEGAR - Good for anything you want to brighten up. Hot or cold salads and pastas. Deodorizes fishy fish and the lemon makes anything lively. NUTMEG 15 YR OLD BALSAMIC VINEGAR- Rub raw garlic or powder on meat and splash our Nutmeg Balsamic. MARINADE meat, chicken, lamb or pork with our Balsamic. BALSAMIC VINEGAR - Add... great on strawberries and ice cream. Can reduce in fry pan for thicker consistency. Make a big batch like a 1 pint for future use. YOU CAN MIX 2 OF THE VINEGARS AND/OR VANILLA BEAN, NUTMEG 15 YR OLD BALSAMIC TOGETHER FOR A DIFFERENT FLAVOR. TRY DIFFERENT COMBOS TO SEE WHAT SUITS YOU! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________